Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Apps O Code offers vehicle tracking CRM which is based on cloud using GSM/GPRS/GPS. This Software is customizable to every extent per device or multiple devices on same server or per device per server with single database or different databases. Working Modules & Sections,

1) Device Configuration Module & Data landing through GSM and GPRS
2) Device Attaching with Vehicle of Customer
3) Customer Vehicle Control and Event Management Section
4) Complain Module
5) Technical Dept Control Section
6) Reporting

  • Event Reports
  • Battery Temper
  • Geo Fence Alert
  • Cut Off Alerts
  • Movement Report
  • Further depends on Device

7) Installation Request Form
8) Security Briefing
9) Employee Management
10) Inventory
11) Accounts
12) Customer Complain Section

SMS Control Module This module runs on various machines. This is used to notify the customer via sms in case any event occurs to the attached device of the vehicle. Every event can be controllable according to business selling point. Suppose if device generates 5 types of events you can configure them accordingly as per your requirement and selected package.