Portal Technologies

The module is web-based and is for those who like to control and manage their vehicles from their premises. So in this scenario they have log into through web browser with given User Id and password. That will show them screen of control of their vehicle. If you have full fleet to manage, this is going to be your best choice as here you will manageit, and can have reports and other controls like engine kill or release, find locations, or continuous draw vehicle track from time to time or date to date. This module is widely being used in the industries of Oil and Gas, Banking and Insurance to control their leased based vehicles issued to the customers. Further accounts inventory and other section are based on different company requirement. Our team is experienced in developing many ERPs & CRMs and now we are moving to Android Tab with full ERP and CRM control. Development capabilities in the following technologies:
1) VS 2010
2) Sap Crystal Report 2010
3) Telerik Desktop Control 2010 Q2
4) SQL Server 2008 R2 with 2 Different Databases
5) Web Based Portal Developed in ASP.NET with Web Services
6) IBM Digital Experience
7) Adobe AEM
8) SiteCore
9) Microsoft Sharepoint